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Fountain Park course updates

It’s almost done!! New teepads and pins are marked, stakes are in the ground and the new holes should be ready for the ‘Battle at the Fountain’ 2/2/20🤗🤗 Thanks so much to 2019 FHDGC board members who worked w/ the Town of Fountain Hills and the Fountain Hills Sanitary District on these changes; Marty Coplea, Tonya Hunter, Michael Finsterwald, and Ryan Higgins!! A big thanks also to Dan Ginnelly, Pete Ulibarri and Jonathan Ray for their course design expertise assisting us w/ this!!

bye bye slippery hole 11
marking new hole 10's tee pad

Marking new hole 10’s tee pad

The hole to not be named the new, new hole 4
The hole to not be named the new, new hole 4

Ready to demo

My First Disc Golf Ace!??

A few months ago I hit a 150-200′ ace in a tournament.. but I don’t think it counts because it was an Ace Race tournament.

This evening I hit a 200′ ace from an actual tee-pad to a permanent basket.. but I don’t think it counts because I was in solo-practice mode.

So what qualifies as a legit-respected-actual Ace? I think these are no-brainers:


Spinners.. Lost & Found

Check it out.. found a disc? Consider it $3.00 towards new plastic, new gear, or a 6 pack of cold mountain dew. Each found disc is $3.00 in store credit at Spinners On The Green? Lost a disc, check out the Spinners On The Green Lost & Found page.. it is updated weekly. Over past few years.. I’ve recovered a pile of discs.

Brodie Smith Trick shots

I’m Brodie Smith, pro Ultimate player, 3-time National Champion & a Guinness World Record holder. On my channel, you’ll find some of the most epic Frisbee trick shots on YouTube, along with my ultimate disc instructional videos and tons of other Frisbee highlights.

dga mach x

FUNdraiser course looking good

Finally.. Escaped from responsibilities of work and parenthood for a quick round at the Fountain Hills Disc Golf Park. The FUNdraiser layout is in place.. 22 wicked fun baskets.. several never played before positions. The FHDGC has been putting in a ton of work.. Checked out the new basket mounts.. All DGA MACH X baskets have new number signs. The course is looking better than ever.

FUNdraiser Registration