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FUNdraiser course looking good

Finally.. Escaped from responsibilities of work and parenthood for a quick round at the Fountain Hills Disc Golf Park. The FUNdraiser layout is in place.. 22 wicked fun baskets.. several never played before positions. The FHDGC has been putting in a ton of work.. Checked out the new basket mounts.. All DGA MACH X baskets have new number signs. The course is looking better than ever.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY- Fountain Hills Disc Golf Course

FLASHBACK FRIDAY- Fountain Hills Disc Golf Course


In honor of this weekends Memorial Championships presented by Discraft, DGA has decided to dedicate this Flashback Friday to celebrate over 30 years and 3 generations of DGA Baskets at the Fountain Hills Disc Golf Course!

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My 2 Most Memorable Moments of the 2014 Memorial Championship

Basket 1

Basket 1

As the Club gets set to reset the course into its normal configuration, I wanted to share a few thoughts on another amazing year at the Memorial Championship. First, a big thank you to everyone who volunteered and worked so hard to make this event so great. You all were awesome! This was my 10th year in a row playing and my 5th year volunteering. Playing is great, but often not the best part of the whole experience. I’ve finished 1st – 81st (and 2 DNF’s) over the years playing Intermediate, Advanced and Open. God is good no matter how I place. The best stuff usually happens before & after the rounds. The following 2 moments stick out as the most memorable this year:

Day 3 of my spotter duty on famous FH Hole #1. A young woman playing Advanced Women (FW1) was throwing her 3rd shot from 125ft away with the big olive tree between her & the basket/water. She is from California playing in her 2nd tournament ever. She throws her only “go to” approach/putter 10ft past the basket into the green soup. I hate lifting up that red flag. After she putts out & finishes with a 5 (17 holes to go for her) I try 4 times to retrieve her disc. No luck. The next group is on the tee. She walks away absolutely dejected. If you’ve played disc golf at Fountain Park you know how she feels, your favorite disc of confidence gone potentially forever. After spotting the drives for the next group on the tee, I had to try for it one more time. I GOT IT! The disc’s owner walks over from tee #2 crying tears of joy, unable to speak. She eventually musters a “thank you”, slightly embarrassed by her show of emotion. That is what I love about this tournament & this sport. The passion & dedication of those who play.

Day 4: A.J. Risley is on my card about to tee off. After A.J.’s introduction, he turns to the crowd to dedicate this round to his friend, Daniel Boe, who died in a car crash traveling home from the Memorial Friday morning. Mr. Boe was 25 years old and heading home early after his first 2 rounds (MA1). The Memorial Championship used to be called the ‘Bob West Memorial’ but was changed to just ‘The Memorial’ to honor the memory of all disc golfers that have gone on before us. It was devastating news and an incredible tribute. Our thoughts & prayers are with all those who knew & loved Daniel. www.pomeradonews.com/2014/02/28/poway-man-dies-in-el-centro-crash/

Paul Mcbeth 2013 Memorial Championship

Can’t think of a better story to kick-off this site.. Paul Mcbeth @ the 2013 Memorial Championship.