Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament

Hey man, I like spending my Thanksgiving weekend waddling about shopping centers (only stopping to jam on a turkey-stuffing-gravy-burrito) as much as the next guy. But check it out.. the Fountain Hills Disc Golf Club is throwing down an unsanctioned Thank You Tournament on Saturday Nov 29th.

leftovers-girl-crying-sad-disappointed-refridgerator-fridge-food-thanksgiving[1]We want to show off the mind-blowing 2014 course improvements made possible by DGA, our friends at Spinners, the Town of Fountain Hills.. and most importantly YOU: the club members, the players, the crazy bastards that get their kicks by flinging plastic.

There will be cash, there will be player packs (if you pre-reg), there will be trophies, and there will be wicked sweet opportunities to score big in our raffle (giving away a ton of stuff, including a nice portable basket).

If you can commit your entire weekend to a disc golf tournament.. check out the City Championships. It’s a great event hosted by an awesome TD. But, if you only have one day to get away join us in Fountain Hills. More info including online registration here. We love pre-registered participants.. but more than happy to take your entry fee the day of (please show up a little early).