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2015 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft

2015 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft

2015 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft.. we need you

Guide to Memorial

Volunteers needed for the 2015 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft
The largest event on the PDGA National Tour is back and bigger than ever in 2015! The Memorial Championship presented by Discraft returns to Scottsdale & Fountain Hills Arizona for its 27th year – February 25th-28th, 2015. Oh yeah.. and this year Fiesta Lakes was added to the mix.

Putting on this large of an event is no joke. Ashley, Spinners, and others are working double-secret-probation-overtime to ensure the tournament is a world-class experience for the players and disc golf community.. and they need help. With the event less than two weeks away we need to fill the volunteer schedule as quickly as possible.

As a volunteer you will be assigned to one or more fulfilling, dangerous, and/or life-changing roles:

  • Spotting Analysis and Vector Isolation Specialist: In this assignment you will employ hawk-like vision to track the trajectory of flying plastic. You will estimate the approximate vector where the disc left the playing field and transitioned to the dark side. You will mark the estimated point of sadness (where the disc went out of bounds) with a flag and offer a humble nod and/or positive encouragement to the disappointed thrower.
  • Public Relations and Crowd Management Engineer: In this assignment you will combine the spirit of the friendly Wal-Mart greeter with the intuition and courage of Spiderman to create a safe, yet informative, experience for the visitors of Fountain Hills park. You will be stationed in the most dangerous positions imaginable on a disc golf course and your key operative is safety. Be prepared to answer common questions about the sport and remain alert at all times to sacrifice your body to prevent a disc from colliding with a civilian.
  • Special Operations Expert: This is just a grunt job. You run around and fix signs.. do water runs.. etc. Honestly it’s kind of a bullshit job.. but there is a chance you can roll on the golf cart with my buddies Burns & Roach.. which is rad.

So what’s in it for you?

  • FREE TOURNAMENT MERCHANDISE: You get $5 in credit for every hour logged.. credit used to redeem 2015 Memorial Championship merchandise.
  • RESUME BUILDER: You can add to your resume “experience as a Spotting Analysis and Vector Isolation Specialist”. That’s powerful man.. sounds rad and is sure to impress a future employer (or maybe even help convince your current boss that you really deserve that raise).
  • KARMA and STUFF: Regardless of your worldview.. you should get street cred, karma, blessings, etc. I mean.. if I was in charge, you’d definitely get special perks in the after-life.
  • MEAT and PBR: If you put in at least 4 hours.. I’ll invite you into my Fountain Hills home on Friday evening, cook you a steak, grant you full access to a cooler full of PBR, and continually remind anyone that will listen what a bad ass you are.

Keep in mind.. volunteering for this tournament is like getting a backstage pass to see the best players in the world duke it out for a huge cash purse. I recently volunteered at the King of the Hills tournament.. the players were incredibly grateful and it was rewarding to know that I made their experience better.

How to sign-up?

  • Shoot an email to events@fhdgc.org or comment on Facebook. Please include the day(s) and time. We could use help from early morning to late afternoon on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Check out the official volunteer page: http://memorialchampionship.com/volunteers.php
  • We will take any help we can get.. but hoping to get at least 4 hour commitments.
  • Any questions? Email events@fhdgc.org, ask on Facebook, or shoot a message to the officials

Thank you in advance,

Spencer Hunter

Thank You Tournament Results

Man it was cold at 6:00 AM.. not see your breath cold, November in Arizona cold.. like a mild hint of discomfort in shorts and a light jacket. By the players meeting we knew there was a beautiful day ahead. Two 19-hole rounds, 3-hole playoff to determine the open winner (David Taylor Jr.), an ACE pool shoot out (congrats Joe Bill on the win), and a nerve-racking raffle (Mach X basket for Preston). Thank you to the participants and volunteers!

Nov 29th Thank You Tournament Caddy Book

The Fountain Hills Thank You Tournament is just a few days away. Click here to view the caddy book. It’s a fun & unique layout to show off the future new tee pads and new basket positions. There are different pads and baskets for Rec/Women vs Adv/Open and a few baskets will change between the 1st and 2nd round.

Don’t forget to pre-register to secure your players pack and bring cash for the raffle.. yeah, we got some good stuff.

Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament

Hey man, I like spending my Thanksgiving weekend waddling about shopping centers (only stopping to jam on a turkey-stuffing-gravy-burrito) as much as the next guy. But check it out.. the Fountain Hills Disc Golf Club is throwing down an unsanctioned Thank You Tournament on Saturday Nov 29th.